Teams on DistroKid: Paying Collaborators and Songwriters for your Music

I’m going to show you how to pay everybody that is a part of your team or everybody that is contributing to your album or song release using the “Teams” feature on DistroKid, let’s go.

The teams feature is essentially an automated way for you to pay everyone involved with your music so that everyone on your team, whether it’s collaborators, producers, songwriters, or anybody else that is involved with your music can get their cut of it.

You can use DistroKid to pay them out so don’t even have to worry about paying them individually. Basically, as they pay you it’ll get divided out and sent via PayPal to the right people.

All you need from them is an email. Once you have that, you can set and forget!

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What Does Teams on DistroKid Do?

 Using the Teams feature on DistroKid, you can take a hands-off approach in regard to the money and pay-outs for your music. They divvy up the track revenue for each track to whoever you dictate as team members.

 Some features:

  • Automatically route 100% of your earnings, from any track, to anyone at any percentage.
  • Unlimited collaborators to any track.
  • You can add or remove collaborators any time.
  • You can change and see any previous splits.
  • Collaborators can only see what their percentage of the track.


  • You need a DistroKid account, but if your being added to a team, you’lll get a 50% discount, so it’s only $10.
  • No delays if your collaborator hasn’t signed up yet, Instead, DistroKid holds the money for them until they join.
  • If your collaborator never joins, you can simply cancel the invite adjust your splits as necessary.

How to Set Up Teams on DistroKid

  1. Once you log in, click on the “Teams Button”.
  2. Select the track you need from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the blue “New Team Member” button
  4. Enter the email and percent amount for each team member.
  5. Click “Review Changes” and make sure all the information is correct.
  6. Click “Save Changes”


BOOM! It’s done. DistroKid then sends an email with all the proper information to get your team members approval. Once they approve, they get their money!

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