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Yo! So today I’m running through some of the new Updates found in the “DistroKid Goodies” section on the DistroKid website. The new ‘DistroKid Goodies’ menu has some categories called Get Heard Now, Promote Yourself, Special Access and Enhance Your Music.

Also… If you don’t already know, DistroKid is a unique distributor that allows you to upload and market unlimited music for only $19.99 per year.

Quick disclaimer, this is a sponsored post by DistroKid. I personally use DistroKid for all my music on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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Get Heard Now: DistroKid Goodies

Get Heard Now is a quick selection of DistroKid’s Playlist and Networking tools designed to help kickstart your release.


Slaps is kinda like DistroKid’s version of a music social network designed for artists and general people who love music. DistroKid says that Artists who put their music on Slaps usually get quick feedback on their original songs. Check out Slaps in and let me know in the comments: https://slaps.com/

Wheel of Playlist:

The Wheel of Playlists is basically just a giant “mix and match” playlist that any DistroKid user can put a song into. The only catch is that you have to connect and follow the playlist yourself to enter. When you spin the wheel, the number you land on represents your song’s position in the playlist.

Playlist Spotlight:

Playlist Spotlight is like a song battle where two songs are put head-to-head while listeners vote for their favorite. Anyone can vote, so you don’t need a DistroKid account to support a song. The top songs each week are added to a DistroKid Spotify playlist with over 100,000 followers.

To Enter, just click the “Add your Track” button and select your track. You can even choose the part you want to showcase. Once you’re done, you will get a link that you can share to voters.

I’m actually going to put the link for my latest single “rent free” in the description if you want to go check out the song and vote:

Promote Yourself: DistroKid Goodies

Promote Yourself is where DistroKid gives you a ton of tools for marketing your latest release but I really want to highlight these two new ones. Promo Cards and Upstream.

Promo Cards:

Promo Cards are a really quick way to get some fresh-looking graphics for social media. Choose your song from the menu and hit “Generate Promo Cards” then BOOM. Over 30 ready-to-go graphics with your album art and popular streaming platform icons.


Upstream is DistroKid’s free new service to connect artists and record labels.

Upstream is a optional service for artists interested in label opportunities.

By creating competition among record labels for your music, artists gain unprecedented exposure to the world’s leading major & independent record labels—plus leverage to win the most artist-friendly deals possible.

If you are in and a label wants you, they’ll contact you. There’s no obligation to sign anything and Upstream does not take any rights, royalties or percentages from artists.

Promote Yourself access:

  • Hyperfollow: Free Landing Pages
  • Mini Videos: Free, Custom Short Videos
  • Meme Video Generator: Funny Videos for socials
  • Vizy Video Generator: Visualizer Videos
  • Promo Cards: Promotional Images
  • Social Phone: Fan Texting
  • Upstream: Label Connections

Special Access: DistroKid Goodies

Artist Management:

Special Access is a section where DistroKid gives you access to your Artist Bio and some popular Artist Accounts.

Here you can sign up for:

  • Spotify for Artists
  • Apple Music for Artists
  • YouTube Official Artist Channel
  • Audiomack
  • Twitch

Spotify Canvas:

Spotify Canvas are those cool little 3-8 second video loops that play during your track on Spotify and are available to all DistroKid members for free. Just upload your video to Spotify is using the Spotify for Artists access:

  • Sign into Spotify for Artists
  • Pick a song that you distributed using DistroKid
  • Click “Create Canvas” and pick a 3–8 second video for looping.

Enhance Your Music: DistroKid Goodies

Enhance your Music is a set of tools designed by DistroKid to help with the little details of your release.

Synced Lyrics:

Synced lyrics are those cool things on Instagram and Apple Music where the lyrics scroll with the music. Its super cool and kinda like Karaoke so listeners can sing and follow along.

DistroKid artist can automatically create & upload synced lyrics by just listening to your song and tapping the spacebar (or screen on mobile) every time there’s a lyric. That’s it. Quick and Uploaded lyrics to all platforms.


Music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify have limited information about your music available but with DistroKid Credits, you can add songwriters, producers involved, gear used and more. You can even add Inspiration and musical influences that you’d like to share.


Dave is an A.I music Analysis Bot created by DistroKid. Dave will tell you random facts about your track and maybe something about your music that you don’t know. Try it. https://distrokid.com/dave



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