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  • Music Videos
  • TV and Film
  • Social Media Content
  • Wedding and Event Videography
  • Engagement Videography
  • Commercials
  • Product Videography
  • Real Estate Videography

Nashville Videographer | Tips

Style and Specialty: Not all Videographers and Cinematographers are the same. Most have a specialty – though, are generalists (one stop shop). I specialize in Lifestyle and Music Videos but have experience in many areas of production.

Quality: Quality matters. Demo reels are “highlight” reels. They are a combination of a videographer’s best work so be sure to watch several videos in their entirety alongside any demos.

Pricing: Many Nashville Videographers bill based on actual time spent. If your budget is limited or important to you, talk with your videographer about anticipating everything and anything required for a project.

Reliability: Organization and Time Management is crucial. It is key to stay on schedule and avoid veering from what was originally discussed.

Priorities: In video production there are three main priorities for a client:

  1. Low Price
  2. High Quality
  3. Fast Turnaround

Take some time to consider what’s most important and plan accordingly. For example, a faster deliver means for a higher cost.

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