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Video Nashville

Its simple, it’s fast and it going to be beautiful!

Because a great video doesn’t need to be complicated; you just have to get out and make it!

How It Works

Making a Music Video


Choose Location

  • Outside (parks, public places)
  • Location rental of your Choice



  • 1.5 Hour Filming Block
  • Performance Style Video 


  • 5 – 9 Business Days
  • Up to 2 Free Revisions

How to Pay


  • Once we have set a date for filming a deposit of 50% up to $600 is due.


Remaining Balance:

  • On the day of our shoot, the remaining balance is due

The Details

  • These videos are made to be Simple and Effective at showcasing the Artist’s Personality
  • Location Rentals, Props, Set Design and Actors are not included. Any external costs are the responsibility of the Artist.

  • No Advance Special Effects

How It Looks

Let’s Start SomethinG

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