My name is Chaz and I’m a CREATIVE! Come hang with me as I teach things about being a Music Producer, Content Creator and Artist as well as any music production, photography and cinematography tips and tricks.

Whether its photography, cinematography, audio production, performance, or travel… I’M ON IT!

Also check out some of my fun creative projects such as cover songs, original music, lifestyle videography, photography tips and tricks, vlogs, travel and motivational videos!

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My Music

I am a Songwriter, Performer and Music Producer in the Nashville, TN area.

My music shares my message and my lifestyle. It’s my perspective. In fact, it’s perspective in general.

I’m all about “feeling your feelings”, “the husle”, “the grind”, “going with the flow” and overall — Being in the Moment.

You can listen on spotify via the button below or check out some of my latest songs to the right of this text.


My Covers

With so much amazing music being written and produced everyday, I try to break apart trending or popular songs and recreate them in my studio at home. It gives a chance to dig deep into what makes these songs so popular and then add my own personal twist.

With cover songs, there are so many things you can do! Change instruments, Flip the Genre, Sing A Cappella… the combinations are endless. I use my YouTube channel as an outlet to release my interpretations or feelings in regards to popular music in an entertaining way.

You can click the button below for my YouTube Channel or check out some of my covers to the left of this text.


Music Producer

From a cappella to hip-hop beats, I produce tracks and collaborate with a variety of artists around the world.

I have worked with YouTubers, Platinum Recording Artists, and other musicians of all levels. When I am not producing solo, I am part of a production team called “BNGRZ”.

You can check out my music production as well as a few of my placements and collaborations to the right or you can listen to me on spotify.


Let’s STart SomethinG

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