Why Have A Music Marketing Team?

Making it in the music industry is tough. But, pursuing an independent music career is definitely possible and best done with a Music Marketing Team around you. As the world becomes more and more digital, the more important your online marketing is too. You could do it alone, but in most cases, it eventually becomes too much to handle. The workload increases and so does your stress. If you’re going about Music Marketing alone, keep in mind that taking on too much can dramatically reduce your chances of success.

If you want to build a sustainable music career, then you should work on building a successful Music Marketing Team. It doesn’t need to be huge. It really only takes a handful of people.

Music Marketing Team Members

Once you have your niche, a proper team can effectively and appropriately split up the work so you can all grow together. The best way to get started is with a quick review of my Digital Marketing Team Members section to learn some of the basics of any team. I’ll list them here with a link to review, but for this post, I’ll only go into the new ones.


  • Content Creator
  • Web Developer/SEO Specialist
  • The “Advertiser” aka (PPC) Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Producers or Home Studios
  • Booking Agents
  • Other Musicians and Songwriters
  • Music Bloggers

Music Marketing Team Roles


Producers and Home Studios

A music producer is responsible for making your music and helping a song reach it’s full potential, creatively and commercially. With a Producer on your Music Marketing Team, you can work out a deal for discounted or even free services based on what you can leverage.

A producer’s typical tasks consist of a variety of things like:

  • Composing Music or Tracks
  • Arranging Instruments or Instrumentals
  • Engineering Sessions
  • Collecting Samples
  • Musical Direction


Booking Agents

Agents book, route, and coordinate gigs. Think things like festivals, tours, podcasts and even personal appearances at events. These are the people that push your Artistry out to the world in-person. A booking agent will typically have existing contacts in the music world, meaning they can connect you with other industry professionals as well as book gigs at larger venues. With a great booking agent, you increase your chances of success.


Musicians and Songwriters

Musicians can play a plethora of different roles in a Music Marketing Team such as composer/songwriter, artist, or performer. When you have another musician on your team, you are gaining extra creative input as well as a whole new perspective on your music business. Also, with other musicians on your team, you may not have to stress playing every instrument on your track or paying session players anymore.


Music Bloggers

Music Bloggers talk about all things music through blogposts, podcasts or playlists. They typically have some pretty niche audiences but give fans some of the “story” behind your music. A Blogger is great resource for reaching new audiences and capturing new fans and they are always looking for new content. 

With a Blogger on your Music Marketing Team, you’ll have a ton of connections to other artists and industry professionals. The best thing is, there are a ton of smaller, growing bloggers within your reach as an independent artist. To find some that cover your type of music, check out SubmitHub (SubmitHub.com). They are a great resource to get started!


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