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Marketing Nashville

Direct Music Marketing puts the power in your hands and gives you the ability to invest in your Music towards building a Sustainable Business with results you can see, track and adjust.

How It Works



Step 1

  • Identifying Goals and Platforms
  • Social Strategy and Pixel Setup
  • Choose a Song to promote
  • Create Ad and Start Ad


Step 2

  • Find 1,000 true listeners
  • Expand 1,000 true listeners to Lookalike Audience
  • Ad Optimization and Observation

Step 3

  • Re-Learn and Solidify Lookalike Audience
  • Ad Optimization and Observation
  • Recap and Consultation

Then What?

You Now Have:

  • True growing Audience for your music and the platform to deliver it
  • You have been shown the entire process of how to make it from scratch as well as how to refine and maintain it.
  • A Social Media Strategy for maintaining and engaging with fans


Your Choices:

  • You’re all set to Create, Monitor, and Manage your Ads and Audience on your own
  • Choose to have me continue managing your ads for an affordable monthly fee and keep the extra perks!


Extra Perks

  • Create, Monitor and Manage Ads
  • Bi-Weekly Result Reports
  • Social Media Strategy and Optimization
  • Content Creation @ Discounted Rate


Let’s Start SomethinG

Music Marketing is all about finding your Custom Audience and refining it until you have a solid foundation for your Music Delivery. When you Market your Music through Playlist and PR companies, there is no way to actually guarantee or even leverage your results because you do not own/have access to the channels and information they have. With Direct Music Marketing, you keep your results and data to build yourself an asset.

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