So I get this question a lot… How do you Get your Music Online and in Stores? Who do you use for distribution? Well, it’s simple. The best place to Get Your Music Online is DistroKid. Maybe even try to upload a new recording from my Making a Music Video in Your Bedroom blog here.

So Why Use DistroKid to Get Your Music Online? Well, as an independent artist, it gives you a variety of different features to save you money, save you time/effort, and help you market your music. Let’s break it down on why I use DistroKid and what benefits there are for using DistroKid to Get your Music Online.

It’s Cheap! | Get Your Music Online

  • Unlimited Originals for $19.99, $35.99 or $79.99 per year (depending on your needs)
  • Royalties – You keep 100% of the royalties they collect
  • Band/Artist Splits – You can split up your royalties by the song and send the proper shares to each person automatically.
  • Upload your music to Instagram and TikTok for free
  • Add Ons: YouTube Content ID, Store Maximizer, Shazam’s and Siri
  • “Legacy” Option – Song never leaves stores even if you no longer have a DistroKid Account

Perks! | Get Your Music Online

  • Claim YouTube Artist Channel
  • Spotify for Artists Access and Verification
  • Apple Music for Artists Access
  • Credits – List other Collaborators and Song Information
  • Lyrics – Services, Search Engines and Synced Lyrics Generator
  • Playlists – DistroKid has a ton of playlists for different music and may select your music to be featured

Marketing | Get Your Music Online

HyperFollow: Free Landing Pages for your Music

  • Email Capture and Collection
  • Follows
  • Streams:
  • Pre-Save
  • Extra links to TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Etc..
  • Facebook Pixel Integration

There are also a ton of other features like Promo Videos and Music Backups that you can check out as well.

You can also click the link in the description to save 7% of your membership when you sign up with my personal link here.

Let’s make some music!

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