Creative Digital Marketing

A Creative Guide to Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing

In business, Digital Marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by utilizing online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, content creation, SEO and email marketing.

Content Creation for Marketing

Content Creation is perfect when paired with Digital Marketing knowledge. Content Creators have the ability to: 


  • Capture Your Brand, Message and Values
  • Connect You With Your Target Audience

  • Create New and Exciting Content
  • Increase Traffic to Your Site or Account

Why You Need Digital Marketing

Whether you are an Artist, Content Creator, or Small Business, it is not just about having the best product, it’s about taking the best marketing tactics to reach your desired audience so that they may be converted to leads. A marketing budget is important for anyone, but it’s crucial to spend a marketing budget the right way to make it most effective. When a digital marketing campaign is properly executed, it becomes one of the most effective ways to grow in terms of awareness and business.

Did you know the average adult spends over 20 hours per week online? With that, having a basic website or attemptiong to run a un-focused campaign is not enough. Individuals and Businesses in the modern economy need digital marketing in order to promote growth and thrive amongst the rest.

The Pillars of Digital Marketing and Branding

The Groundwork

Defining What You Do

Building A Team

Accounting + Documenting

Analyze Competition



The Hustles

Online approaches

On The Ground approaches

Content building

Physical Sales



The Nitty Gritty

Website and SEO

Optimizing social media

Updates and Pivots

Ads and Targeting



The Moves

Social Media Management

engagement Tactics

email marketing

content optimization




New DistroKid Goodies Menu | What’s good?

New DistroKid Goodies Menu | What’s good?

New DistroKid Goodies Menu | What's Good?Yo! So today I’m running through some of the new Updates found in the “DistroKid Goodies” section on the DistroKid website. The new 'DistroKid Goodies' menu has some categories called Get Heard Now, Promote Yourself, Special...

Facebook Ads for Music | Quick Start Guide

Facebook Ads for Music | Quick Start Guide

Digital Marketing such as using Facebook Ads for your music puts the power in your hands and gives you the ability to invest in your Music with results you can see, track and adjust. Facebook ads can help an artist build an awareness and grow their fanbase.  ...

Teams on DistroKid

Teams on DistroKid

I’m going to show you how to pay everybody contributing to your album or song release using the Teams on DistroKid feature, let’s go.

Social Media Content Creator | The Basics

Social Media Content Creator | The Basics

What is a Social Media Content Creator? A Social Media Content Creator is a person responsible for contributing creative information to any social networking platform. Content ranging from Entertainment, Empowerment and Education are used to capture a target audience...

Why Hire A Content Creator?

Why Hire A Content Creator?

Videographer | Content Creator | Photographer Why Hire A Content Creator? A Content Creator, especially a Videographer or Photographer is key in making any business stand out in terms of Digital Media. They are responsible for things such as: Blog posts Videography...

Hi! I’m Chaz

As an Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Content Creator, and Marketing Strategist, I encourage everyone to follow their dreams. Music, Videography and Photography Content are three of the most powerful outlets for my creativity and I strive to share that outlet with others.

While developing and crafting my own artist brand and companies, I partner with individuals and businesses that want to stand out above the others with Content Creation that captures your vision and connects it with the hearts of others.

For those who are looking to expand their lifestyle or brand into something more, I also utilize SEO and Marketing techniques to work side-by-side with my Creative Skills for individuals and businesses to identify any current weaknesses as well as strategies to overcome them.


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