4 Members For Your Digital Marketing Team

Putting together a reliable and effective Digital Marketing Team might seem like a lot to handle at first. In most cases, the difference between success and failure for your business is just having the right people involved. With a little creative thinking and some outreach, a solid Digital Marketing Team is probably floating around your in current resources already. You’ve just got to put it together.

In this post, I wanted to jump into some essential roles needed for every Digital Marketing Team. Also, I’ll touch on what each of them does for anyone looking to build a Digital Marketing Team of their own.

Starter Tips For Your Digital Marketing Team

So you already know the importance of Online Marketing and you want to build a Digital Marketing Team that actually works right? Once you have your product niche, a proper team can effectively and appropriately split up the work so you can all grow together. The best way to get started is with a few basic tips:

  • Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed because if you do, they will too.
  • Once you assemble your Digital Marketing Team, don’t forget to learn from them as you go. If you learn the “tricks of the trade”, you’ll be better equipped to handle any curveballs thrown your way.
  • Can’t afford to hire someone? Approach for a collaboration. Create a Win-Win offer that supports mutual benefit. 

Digital Marketing Team Essential Roles


Content Creator

A Content Creator (Videographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Writer) is someone that does just what the name implies, they create content for your business. Their whole aim is to take your ideas and turn them into something catching that creates value and engagement for your business. Things such as Commercials, Ad Campaigns, Product or Promotional Images, Blogposts, Ad Copy and more.

When you team up with a Content Creator, you can brainstorm and develop new and creative projects or promotions all the time. Some businesses have the extra funds to hire one out. If that’s the case, you can send them a project brief or you give them free creative reign to create your content themselves. Keep in mind, if you Content Creator isn’t supplying you with ideas or asking you for topics to create, they aren’t really working, and your money is being underutilized.


Web Developer/SEO Specialist

When you type in your product into google do you think it will just magically show up at the top? — It won’t. There is some real technical stuff going on behind the scenes for that. How do you associate your name with common searches in order to make your business or product the first thing people see?

An SEO Manager handles Websites and the digital tasks that go with them such as building and maintaining an online community, backlinks, SEO out reach strategies, online campaigns, keyword research, and market analysis. Need I say more?  

The “Advertiser” aka (PPC) Specialist

In the world of online marketing, a promotion and advertising specialist is the key person that makes it happen. The “Pay-Per-Click” or Search Engine specialist is also considered your ROI savior.

Even with a powerful Digital Marketing Team, content or SEO campaigns can take months to bring in revenue.  With paid search and online advertising, there is a much less time required to bring in results. While Ads are great, they also require a lot of monitoring, testing and optimization making this role a hard one to fill.


Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager gives you professional guidance and growth in the overall Marketing part of your Digital Marketing Team. They utilize tactics and trends to run campaigns and engagement practices. Marketing Managers are heavily involved with all other members of your team and have to connect the dots that go from your front door to social media and then overall web presence.

Some Marketing Managers are also “Social Media” Managers who typically run social accounts like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. They also help come up with new ideas and sometimes are able to record or produce Content.

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